About me

My name is Ko Baas. I live in the northern part of the Netherlands in the beautiful province Drenthe. On the top of the page you see a “hunebed”, a grave monument more than 4000 years old. There are several of these close to my home.
I carve netsuke since 1997. I will show you some of my work on this website.
I try to make the netsuke in the old tradition so that they could be used as functional objects. The netsuke I make are a pleasure to handle. I mainly use boxwood. Sometimes I use materials like stag antler, mammoth ivory, horn and teeth.

Harald Hayen is a dear friend of mine who lives in Germany. A very skilled carver of netsuke and ojime. Please have a look at his website: netsuke.de

Aside from carving netsuke I modify Opinel knives.
Opinel knives are French made simpel knives. Wood handle and stainless steel or carbon steel blade. I take them apart and make a new boxwood handle. I carve the new handles in netsuke style subjects. Some blades are reshaped to.