Centipede Bokutô 2024

Carved from a piece of Holm oak with a live edge left intact. 39 cm long.

Rain dragon Bokutô 2024

Carved from boxwood. 40 cm long.

Dragon Bokutô 2024

A boxwood dragon with eyes made of stag antler and black horn. 45 cm long. I made a stand for it from a piece of old driftwood. I gave this one to my oldest son.

Baku Bokutô 2024

This is my second Bokutô. Made from beech wood. 49 cm long. Eyes made of light and dark horn.

Dragon Bokutô 2024

I have always been fascinated by bokutô. So I decided to carve one. From a boxwood log with some defects. It was very tough wood. Not easy to carve at all. But I like the result. Eyes made of stag antler with black horn pupils. 43 cm long. Added a old silk inro cord. I like it so much that I started carving another bokutô. I gave this one to my youngest son.