Human face Kirin 2024

Made of boxwood. Eyes of bone and black horn pupils. 9 cm high.

Carp netsuke 2024

A boxwood carp with eyes of stag antler and black horn. 10 cm long.

Beetle on bamboo shoot 2023

Carved from the tip of a bizon horn. 8 cm long.

Dragon 2023

A crawling dragon. Carved from boxwood. Inlaid eyes made of yellow horn with black horn pupils. It is a long netsuke, 14 cm long. It can also be used as a brush rest.

Dragon 2023

A coiled dragon from boxwood. 6 cm wide. Inlaid eyes made of yellow horn with black horn pupils. I like dragons. 4 stages of the carving proces and the finished netsuke.

Snail on a taro leaf 2023

Carved from boxwood, 6 cm long.

Ryujin dragon king 2022

A boxwood carving in stages. 10 cm high.

Kirin 2022

A tall standing boxwood Kirin. 12 cm high. Eyes of yellow and black horn.

Seadragon 2020

Boxwood and eyes of antler with red coral pupils.

Boar 2020

Boxwood with antler an horn eyes. The tusks are made of boar tusk.

A selection from 2018

Lange boxwood Kirin, centipede on large boar tusk, black horn birds head, boxwood crab claw.

A boxwood weird wolf 2016

Eel made from stag antler 2014

3 Baku 2013

All three carved in boxwood.

Venus of Willendorf 2011

I thought this would be a nice tactile netsuke. Carved in coromandel wood.

Crab on driftwood 2005

Carved in ebony wood.

Wasp in gourd 2005

Carved in boxwood. 15,5 cm long.